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Hello, my name is Doctor Robert Weissman and I would love to be your Audiologist in Glendale, California.

My staff and I offer top shelf, state of the art, complete and comprehensive hearing testing. As Doctor Hear I am all for you or your loved ones wants and needs as my patient. I know you’ve heard of cutting-edge technology, right? Well as your Pasadena California Audiologist you will have access to bleeding-edge hearing solutions customized just for you or your loved one’s lifestyle. I offer the a unique patient-centered approach to audiology in Glendale California. This system is so focused on the individual patient or your loved one as a patient, their wants, needs, desires and way of life.


FREE Hearing Consultation

Dr. Hear your Glendale California Audiologist makes the hearing tests easy-peasy with his four-step process.

Step One: The Interview.  This is to help us determine how you are experiencing your hearing loss and to uncover any information that might help reveal its cause.

Step Two: The Examination.  This is to help us determine if the hearing difficulty you are experiencing is being caused by an obstruction or damage to the ear canal or eardrum.

Step Three: The Hearing Testing.  This is to help us determine the specifics of your hearing loss. If you have a measurable hearing loss, your results will be clearly documented on an audiogram.

Step Four: Treatment Options.  With this step, we will recommend and explain the benefits of suitable solutions (if necessary) for your degree of hearing loss and your lifestyle.

Hearing Test The four Step Process

Hearing Aids About Some of the Latest styles



Experience a new level of connection with the AGX Hearing technology that links seamlessly with your iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod Touch®
Receiver in Canal

Receiver in Canal

Receiver in the Canal ✔ Leaves the ear open ✔ Reduced or no "plugged up" feeling ✔ Sleek design barely visible when worn
Completely Invisible

Completely Invisible

✔ Completely invisible in most ears ✔ Custom-made for you ✔ Smallest, least visible type of hearing device
Completely In Canal

Completely In Canal

In the Canal ✔ Fits in the ear canal ✔ Barely visible ✔ Smallest size available with directional technology to hear better noise